A Beginner’s Guide To Handling Medical Malpractice

A Beginner’s Guide To Handling Medical Malpractice

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From a young age the majority of us are taught to trust medical practitioners and contact them should we feel even the slightest bit ill. We are taught that these practitioners are highly knowledgeable regarding medicine and health issues; thus being able to provide us with successful care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and medical malpractice has been known to occur. As we were taught to revere physicians, it is no surprise many of us are unaware of how to handle cases of malpractice. This article will provide information discussing medical malpractice and how to manage the situation.

What Does Malpractice Occur?

1. Registering More Patients Than Can Be Cared For

In their need to provide all individuals with treatment, practitioners tend to attend to more patients than they are able to care for. Evidence of this situation is an increase in waiting time to see the doctor or a suspicion we may be wasting the doctor’s time when in the exam room seeking information on conditions. Practitioners who hurry their patients along will more than likely feel stressed and overlook details during treatment or make errors during diagnosis or writing prescriptions.

2. Waiting Too Long For A Referral

General practitioners are required to refer a patient to another medical physician when the individual presents with a specialized condition. If the GP prolongs the referral, it is possible that the condition may worsen and spread to other areas of the body. This can be viewed as malpractice on the part of the general practitioner.

What Must Be Done In The Event Of Malpractice?

If you feel you have been subject to a case of medical malpractice, it is essential that you contact a medical malpractice attorney to hold the practitioner responsible for their behavior. It is vital that the attorney specializes in medical malpractice as they have the correct knowledge of medical procedures and standards to examine the case. Once an assessment of the situation has been made (you need to relay the details of your tale), it is up to the attorney to determine whether or not malpractice has been experienced.

Final Words On The Matter

While it is not a pleasant thought, medical malpractice is an occurrence on the rise and it is important to make this issue known. Many individuals may be unwilling to share their tale for fear of retribution; however, by not using the information above and contacting an attorney you may be increasing the risk of malpractice for other patients. If you are in the New Jersey area please check out these New Jersey medical malpractice lawyers. My family used them when my father died and they took great care of us. 

Common Conditions Discovered By Regular STD Testing

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When you go in for STD testing, there are several conditions that you may be diagnosed with. It is actually very easy to get most sexually transmitted diseases. There is a misconception that STDs can only be transmitted by having unprotected sex, but there are several that are transmitted through skin to skin contact instead. Some of them require fluids in order to go from one person to the other, and most of them do have a cure. If you are worried about getting tested, here is a brief overview of what you will probably experience depending upon the STD that you may actually be carrying.

How Do Most People Get STDs?

For those that are not very sexually active, you might wonder how it is possible that millions of people can contract STDs a regular they may believe that it is because most individuals are having unprotected sex, and that can definitely contribute to the known statistics. In reality, there are so many different STDs that the way that you get them can vary considerably, which is why testing is highly recommended. It is important to always look for certain symptoms that you may be experiencing as these may indicate that it is definitely time to get this testing done.

Symptoms Of STDs

Some of the symptoms that you may encounter may include cold sores, a rash, pain during sex, and also urinary tract infection. For example, if you have chlamydia, this can cause that you will bleeding, as well as unusual discharge from the penis, causing a significant amount of pain. Gonorrhea affects many people, and is only transmitted between two people having sex and bodily fluid this will also have a discharge which can lead to pain that is experienced, but you may also have pain in your muscles and joints as a result of this condition. Genital herpes is one of those hidden STDs, one that does not produce immediate symptoms. You can have outbreaks that will only occur several years after contracting the disease, and it usually begins with genitals that are severely itching.  If this does happen to you then you should go immediately to an std clinic. If you are in the Virginia then I highly recommend STD testing in Virginia Beach.

How Soon Will The Treatments Work?

The speed at which the treatments work, and the type of treatment that you will receive, will depend upon the STD that you have. For example, if you have genital warts, these are usually not treated with an antibiotic, but usually an antiviral cream which is placed on the wards, or they must be surgically removed. If you have syphilis, this is an infection that an antibiotic will be able to treat very easily. These have very obvious symptoms such as contagious ulcers, and may begin to affect your eyes and brain. One of the most severe yet treatable conditions comes from hepatitis B. This will attack your liver. This is fast through sexual activity, as well as through the use of needles where another person’s blood has this STD. Treatments can work in as little as 24 hours, but many of them take several days or weeks to see improvements. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the exact treatment that you will need to handle the condition that they will diagnose.

The testing that is done is not very invasive, and is usually very fast. You can send this information directly to your physician so that they can find a treatment for you. Most of them you have available treatments, many of which can be taken care of with antibiotics. Your physician will know exactly what it is, what your options are, and this will allow most people to resolve any STD that they are currently experiencing simply because they went in for regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

Why Regular STD Testing Is Important With Chlamydia

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When it comes to STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the latest unheard of epidemic is the disease, Chlamydia, which has infected about 92 million people in the past year. The amazing thing about it is that almost no news outlet even mentions it because it’s related to sex. Plus, more young people seem to be contracting it, and they’re not aware of its symptoms or cure in most cases.

Chlamydia Has Very Few Symptoms For Most People

One of the biggest problems with a disease with very few symptoms is that most of those infected will continue to infect others because they are unaware of what they have. It’s quite possible to have Chlamydia for years, passing it on to many sexual partners, and not even know it.

Many times the only way that a person will find out, is when someone else develops symptoms and gets STD tested, then notifies their previous sexual partners. This can be an excellent reason to always use protection when having sex, because you’re technically having sex with all of the previous partners or your partner.

As will all STDs, Chlamydia is easier to treat when diagnosed early, so the sooner you know and start treatment, the better off you are.

You Can Contract Chlamydia In A Variety Of Different Ways

This STD is easily contracted in a number of ways, anal, vaginal, or oral sex can all result in an infection. For this reason, even with oral sex, it’s important to always use protection. Many people are also under the impression, falsely, that when a man withdraws to prevent pregnancy, no STDs will be transmitted. That’s not true with most of them.

There is also the possibility of passing the infection on to a child during the birthing process. The baby can then get eye infections or even pneumonia as a result. Luckily, most modern hospitals do STD tests before delivery in order to prevent this transmission.

For the pregnant female, it’s rare, but possible, to get what is called an ectopic pregnancy that can cause death. But the most common side effect is a premature delivery, not as life threatening, but still something to avoid.

The Symptoms Are Few In Both Men And Women

Some women will notice a vaginal discharge and bleeding during or after having sex, but not always. There may also be pain during urination, similar to a bladder infection, but less severe, and pain in the lower abdomen as well. Unfortunately a large majority of women either have no symptoms, or very light symptoms, not painful enough to see a doctor about.

Men may have swollen testicles, a small discharge from the penis, and painful urination, but again, these are similar to a urinary tract infection, only not as painful. Plus, most men experience no symptoms or pain whatsoever.

When Going For STD Testing Always Ask For The Chlamydia Test

Since the symptoms are so mild, it’s important that when you go for any other type of STD testing, that you ask for this one as well. They will take a sample of the discharge from the penis, vagina or urine in order to conduct the test. You can even contact many online STD Testing companies and get an anonymous home test sent directly to you. However, I would recommend going to a clinic in person. When I thought I had contracted something I went to Gainesvile STD testing. They found nothing, but they were very professional and courteous. 

Then you perform the quick test and send it back to the laboratory in the postage paid envelope. Results can usually be read online, again anonymously, then the appropriate medication taken if the results are positive. Some STD Testing companies will even have a phone consultation with a real doctor available in order to get a prescription filled at the local pharmacy, be sure and check for this if it’s something that you’re interested in.

Getting yourself tested from time to time is a good idea if you’re having unprotected sex with anyone. You know where you’ve been, but do you know where your partner has been? You can never be too sure, and, passing an STD along to another person can be one of the most embarrassing situations in the world.


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